The ENEL Turbogas Plant
of Porto Corsini

This Enel power plant is one of the most modern in the network because Turbogas-type turbines are used. The steam used by the two main Turbogas Turbines, before being condensed, is conveyed into the two secondary turbines that exploit the residual energy of the steam recovered from the two main turbines.


This system, when running at full load, is capable of producing 700 megawatts of electric energy.

Marly installed the pump that powers the fire system of the entire plant in this plant.

Since this is one of the most graded power stations of this kind, the performance required by the fire pump is very high, the pump delivers 480 m3 / h at a pressure of 60 m in prevalence.

The pump is of the Multistage Vertical Axis type of the model VP16-A / 4, it is a hydraulics with semi-axial impellers, of the size of 16 "with 4 stages, the maximum power absorbed is 112 Kw.

The pump is made of cast stainless steel of the AISI 316 type, as the pumped liquid is sea water coming from the nearby port basin. The plant is built so that the pump sucks directly from a channel connected to the open sea.

Below are the pump transport and assembly phases at the Porto Corsini power plant, located in the industrial district of Ravenna.

The operations of filling the oil in the tank of the thrust bearing device consisting of roller bearings. The oil from this device can be cooled by the same seawater pumped in.

The pump installed and running for final testing operations. This system works weekly for about 2 hours, to perform the fire system operation tests.